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MELITON SA sells the entire range of Kerafina products

What is the "eponymous" Kerafina porcelain?

The name Kerafina has been synonymous with bathroom quality for the last 50 years, creating the "eponymous" porcelain Kerafina. Kerafina is the largest Greek manufacturer of sanitary ware and one of the larger in Europe.


From 1960 Kerafina manufactures sanitary ware from vitreous porcelain in its state of the art plant in Corinth, Greece. Equipped with years of cumulative experience, it offers complete bathroom solutions to demanding professionals.

The company provides professional consultancy service via its specialized personnel , adding unrivalled value to its products and services, thus being the most reliable and valuable partner. Constantly monitoring market trends, Kerafina possesses a wide range of products, designed with a focus, on quality, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Kerafina’s tradition along with the high standards set by ISO 9001, constitute a unique quality guarantee, which combined with excellent and durable surface finishing, have established the firm’s reputation in domestic and foreign markets.


New lines, brave forms, provocative designs, modern materials, are few of the strong testimonies of the company’s devotion to continuous and methodical innovation. The “eponymous” porcelain Kerafina combines luxury with functionality and emerges through its complete collection of products, transforming your bathroom to the most enjoyable room of the house.



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