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Factory and staff


Kerafina is situated in Kalamaki, Korinthia, in privately owned facilities consisting of 104.000 sqm, which are constructed based on the most modern prototypes. The headquarters and the showroom are in Athens. Kerafina occupies 180 employees in total of which 150 are blue-collar workers and the rest 30 are scientists, technicians and administrative staff. All employees are highly specialized and share the company’s visions and philosophy.



Kerafina’ s production routine is inspired by one standard: Absolute Precision. The raw materials – clay, kaolin, quartz and feldspar – are mainly imported and selected carefully to be of the highest quality worldwide. They are screened, weighed and electronically checked. Then, they are fired at 1225°C.


Technical specifications

The absorptivity in vitreous porcelain for sanitary ware has to be smaller than 0.5% according to the national specifications. In Kerafina products it is from 0.15% to 0.25%. Water flushing should be over 85%. The water flushing of Kerafina bowls is from 88% to 100%.


P.Ralli 23 Tavros

Tel: +302109536450, +302109515978

Fax: +30 210-9516828